The Targeted Grazing Certificate Program

The Targeted Grazing Committee of SRM worked collaboratively with the American Sheep Industry Association to create a series of presentations to describe the major principles of targeted grazing to accomplish landscape enhancement. These principles include:

♦  Understanding the value of targeted grazing and setting a goal.
♦  Predicting plant response to grazing and browsing.
♦  Selecting the correct animal for targeted grazing.
♦  Shaping and training animals for targeted grazing.
♦  Establishing a monitoring program for vegetation management projects.

The Targeted Grazing Committee offers land and livestock managers the opportunity to explore these principles through our online workshop. We also off a “Targeted Grazing Certificate” for those who want to study the application of targeted grazing and gain recognition for mastering foundational knowledge about targeted grazing.

Targeted Grazing Certificate is available to participants who attend all 5 sessions (live or recorded) of the online workshop and complete a follow-up assignments. The $25 fee includes:
1)  Individual feedback and guidance from targeted grazing experts.
2)  4 assignments that will result in a targeted grazing plan upon completion.
3)  Learning materials including booklets and fliers
4)  A certificate of completion signed by officers of the Society for Range Management Targeted Grazing Committee.

Registration Currently Open.  We will accept just 5 more applications for the 2015 season and this year’s Certificate program will close on Friday, March 6th.

**Registration form



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